Predict Sales Revenue with More Ease and Accuracy

Manufacturing Cloud enables users to better manage and forecast product-based revenue. Discover more and learn how Simplus Quickstarts can help get you there faster.

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Salesforce for Manufacturing

industry 4.0

How can manufacturers respond to the market and deliver frictionless customer experiences, dynamic data, connected information flows, digital work, and a focus on sustainability? Having connected front and back office systems across all business units will enable your organization to do all of those things with a 360-degree customer view. And Salesforce is committed to doing just that. Learn how Salesforce industry solutions are automating age-old manual processes to enable manufacturers as they look to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Optimize revenue recognition processes
  • Create customer-centric experiences
  • Deliver transformative service

Scroll down for more on each of these topics and to learn how Simplus is helping manufacturers transform faster to realize greater value today.

industry 4.0

Of manufacturers say they need new approaches and tools for accurate forecasting

Salesforce, Trends in Manufacturing Report, 2021


Of manufacturing executives are highly likely to invest in

HBR, The Future of Customer Experience in Manufacturing, 2021


Of service decision makers are accelerating digital initiatives due to the pandemic

Salesforce, State of Service Report, 4th edition, 2021

Manufacturing Case Studies:


Simplus increased the amount of customer data visible to the sales and services team, reducing the time for quote approval and order fulfillment through Salesforce CPQ.


We transformed the ALW Partner Portal for a better end user experience and monetary results for ALW.

Saint Gobain

We helped Saint-Gobain with a seamless CPQ solution integration.

MFG webinar

How manufacturers can build a foundation of resiliency through business continuity and CRM

Learn how manufacturers like Mauser Packaging Solutions are leveraging Salesforce and OwnBackup to maintain business continuity and future-proof their business.

Optimizing revenue recognition

While manufacturing has historically been a complex business with multiple touchpoints from channel partners to distributors to end customers, revenue recognition doesn’t need to be. Manufacturing Cloud from Salesforce enables run rate businesses to optimize the sales revenue recognition process out of the box instead of having to rely on manual processes. Learn more about optimizing revenue recognition and the value of Manufacturing Cloud:

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Creating customer-centric experiences

Customers are demanding the Amazon experience across the board—yes, even extending to manufacturing. So how can an industry that has traditionally operated as B2B pivot to B2B2C? See what our experts have to say:

Delivering transformative service

Servitization needs and expectations have advanced and changed since 2020. Remote service, monitoring, predictive maintenance and analytics, etc. are all more prevalent than ever before. Learn what this means for manufacturing as well as solutions that are available to help address these pressing industry needs.