Infosys Vaccination Management
(IVM) Solution

Stay Ahead and Get Ready with Infosys’ Vaccination Management Salesforce Solution


The COVID-19 vaccine is here, but distribution and administration of it is currently the greater obstacle. Is your organization equipped to provide a streamlined, large-scale, high-demand vaccination program for constituents?

The Infosys Vaccination Management (IVM) Salesforce Solution is an end-to-end offering for automating tasks, integrating data sources, and delivering a seamless vaccination program that offers supply chain visibility and future demand forecasting. Disparate systems won’t work for this unprecedented health crisis, but IVM will.

The Complete Guide to Covid-19 Vaccine Management with IVM

The Complete Guide to COVID-19 Vaccine Management

Gain a complete understanding of the challenges, solution areas, functionalities, and technologies involved in vaccine management and how you can do better with a comprehensive solution like IVM on your side.


Key Solution Areas

Advocacy & Engagement

Support social mobilization with digital media campaigns and a knowledge base with FAQs and testing resources.

Demand Management

Bring balance between vaccine supply and immunization demand based on a prioritization strategy and regional epidemiological criteria.

Cold Chain Process

Ensure the efficacy of the vaccine throughout the distribution process with total supply chain visibility.

Program Administration

Enrollment, scheduling, documentation, workflow, provider management, and delivery and capacity planning.

Clincial Management

Assist with wellness surveys, adverse reaction monitoring, recall alerts, and case supervision.

Data Management & Analytics

Ensure data quality and data exchange with epidemiological analytics and status reporting.

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Infosys Vaccination Management (IVM) Salesforce Solution

Learn more about the features of IVM and how its end-to-end design can ensure high success rates, compliance, and data-driven decisions for vaccination administration.


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