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See how Simplus helped BigCommerce streamline their quoting process.
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Salesforce for Technology

We understand the needs and pains felt by technology companies.

Common Concerns

Large Customer Base

Due to the explosive growth in the tech industry, many companies find themselves with many different software systems. These databases contain siloed customer and account data, making reporting and data accuracy difficult.

Simplus has years of experience with system integrations, and can merge multiple Salesforce instances, integrate Salesforce with external systems, or a combination of both. Get the omnichannel view you truly desire.

Complex Quoting Scenarios

Quoting your software or service can often be difficult. Many configurable options have complex pricing rules, and you don’t want sales people to create quotes that don’t meet viability requirements.

Salesforce CPQ can set up guardrails that will keep your sales team from configuring impossible products or sending quotes without approval.

Data & Analytics

Tracking data and analytics on your customers and accounts can be difficult without the correct data structure. Simplus has experience setting up complex reporting in order to give you visibility into your data.

Leveraging Sales Cloud and custom development, Simplus knows how you give your business a complete bird’s eye view of your data.

Partners & Resellers

Managing a network of partners and resellers can be a massive time commitment and strain on your organization. But the role they play in your organization is crucial.

Salesforce Communities gives your network a self-service portal to manage leads, contacts and data. Simplus has created many custom portals to allow technology companies to manage their distribution network.

Benefits by Department

  • Configure any product or service, including bundles, options, upsells or subscriptions
  • Efficiently manage pricing hierarchies and tiers across multiple partners and regions
  • Quote from current agreements, based on existing pricing and assets being used by clients
  • Recommend products based on purchasing histories and trends, and drive upsell/cross-sell opportunities
  • Create guided selling to identify and recommend relevant products and services
Operations & IT
  • Enable product managers to introduce new products, templates and promotions
  • Centralize pricing rules and guidelines natively on the most secure CRM platform, Salesforce
  • Gain a 360º view of revenue across product lines with integrated dashboards and reports
Finance & Legal
  • Effortless integration to back-office processes and ERP systems
  • Eliminate revenue leakage and legal risk by ensuring pricing accuracy on orders and invoices
  • Orchestrate accurate invoicing and fulfillment of complex orders and services across direct or indirect distribution channels
  • Create revenue recognition, contract compliance, performance tracking and renewals management with contract visibility
Not only has Simplus saved the company and employees in all departments a ton of time and money, they continue to come up with new inventive ways to make our processes more efficient.

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