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Make your contracts do more for your business with a top-notch CLM implementation.


Streamline your contract processes for smarter revenue generation


With our strong industry experience, the Simplus CLM team is best equipped to provide you with best practices on CLM implementation, resulting in increased efficiency and time to value. We’ve done over 30 successful CLM implementation projects with our partners, Conga and DocuSign, and every Simplus CLM practitioner is cross-trained in at least two CLM technologies.

CLM technology provides…

  • Contract repository
  • Contract analytics
  • Contract standardization
  • Redlining and eSignature
  • Workflow automation
  • And much more.

Top Partnerships

Simplus is long-time partners with two of the leading CLM vendors in the industry, providing modern solutions for both buy-side and sell-side contracting. We’ve worked together on countless CLM engagements to roadmap, implement, and enhance contracting workflows across all industries.

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DocuSign CLM
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The suite of solutions provided by Conga works together to streamline your business’ data documents, contracts, and reporting. And Conga has the experience, ratings, and reviews to prove it works. Together, we’re committed to providing you with accelerated sales processes, improved compliance, protected brand messages, and actionable data reports that let you drive business forward.

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DocuSign CLM

DocuSign CLM helps you manage contracts through the four stages of the agreement process—prepare, sign, act, and manage. This leads to increased revenue, more compliant processes, and decreased operational expenses. Simplify your processes and make your organization more agreeable with a DocuSign CLM and Simplus partnership on your side.

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