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At a Glance

Because Enablon had no form of CPQ implementation, their employees had to manually move data using only a data loader and dedicated spreadsheets. Enablon.

Services Provided
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  • Custom Configuration

Enablon contacted Simplus to address these issues:


Complicated data migration: CPQ is dependent on a complex product catalog consisting of over 25 objects worth of products, product options, prices, price rules, discounts, schedules, and more.

Clunky manual processes: Prior to CPQ implementation, Enablon had to manually move reference data with a data loader and spreadsheets. It also required an addition of custom external ID fields to every object to prevent duplicates during upsets. Enablon also needed help understanding the order of operation required to migrate complex, highly relational CPQ product catalog data.

The Solution

Simplified Complex Pricing: Simplus migrated CPQ product catalog twice. First, it was moved from Dev sandbox to QA sandbox. The following week, the product catalog was copied (migrated) from QA to Production. Moover simplifies migration process by adding missing fields and picklist values, which speeds up the process without taking the time to do a special metadata changeset.

Quick Delivery Time: Without Moover, the Simplus delivery team (Swapnil and Matt) would have had to manually migrate Enablon’s CPQ product catalog data with spreadsheets and a data loader. Using Prodly Moover, a sophisticated native Salesforce app purposely built for data migration, dramatically reduced the migration effort. Enablon’s Simplus delivery team did some basic validation of the Enablon data to make sure that there were no duplicates, prior to kicking off the migration, but the templates virtually eliminated the effort required to create a custom Moover data set to migrate the Enablon product catalog.

About Walters Kluwer and Enablon

Walter Kluwers and Enablon offer solutions that help companies manage environmental and social performance, ensure compliance, minimize risks, and improve profitability by leveraging some of the world’s most advanced technologies. Enablon is now a division of Wolters Kluwer; this transition took place during the course of the project in early 2017.

Headquarters: Paris, France
Industry: Software Company
Website: https://enablon.com/