Automate with Orchestrate: Clauses, approval, doc gen

by Alexandra Stehman

Conga Orchestrate is a robust rules engine and flow manager with integrated Composer document generation. Declaratively define criteria that will automatically add the correct clauses to your document, based on record types and Salesforce fields, and declaratively define when this process runs to generate your documents automatically. 


Example process with Orchestrate

For example, utilize Product Family values, Product Names, or Product Types to include specific clauses conditionally. Use the state of the Customer’s address to automate the inclusion of state governing laws. Use specific options checked on an Opportunity or Quote to include special provisions, and automate those for approvals—all from within Orchestrate!

The process in Orchestrate is fairly simple.  Let’s take the simple process of creating an Order Form with T&C’s on an approved, accepted Quote as an example:

  1. Define an Orchestrate process with initiation conditions, such as Quote is moved to the accepted stage.
  2. Configure the Orchestrate process to add the latest versions of only the applicable clauses for the T&C’s.
  3. Add a step to the process to invoke the Conga Composer solution for your Order Form, which includes a section for T&C’s.

You’re done! So in execution, what might happen, is:

  1. Sales generates and sends out an approved Quote document to a customer from a Quote in Salesforce, which includes one product, “Premium Subscription.”
  2. When the customer accepts, Sales updates the Quote as accepted.
  3. Orchestrate fires, and automatically assembles all the product-specific clauses for “Premium Subscription” – so only T&C’s for the “Premium Subscription,” and not “Basic Subscription” or “Unlimited Subscription,” are applied.
  4. Orchestrate generates the document from the generic Quote/Order Form template. Because it is generating the document on an Accepted Quote, an Order Form, not a Quote document, is generated, and it includes all of the T&C’s for “Premium Subscription.”


Automate activation/de-activation and tasks

In addition to creating the documents, Conga Orchestrate can be easily configured to automatically activate executed contracts on their effective date, saving contract managers the manual overhead and preventing lapses in service. Conversely, Conga Orchestrate will deactivate contracts on their expiration date.  You can also set conditions for preventing the activation of the contracts, such as when certain ancillary obligations aren’t fulfilled. Many other tasks, such as collecting letters of credit, can be automated to activate or deactivate depending on certain criteria.

Also, if your organization uses Salesforce Tasks, it is easy to set up tasks and assign them so that Sales can keep on top of renewals.  For instance, if there are pricing changes that need to be communicated to customers in advance of the renewal window, automating tasks through Orchestrate is the easiest way to give Sales the nudge at just the right time.


Composer + Contracts + Orchestrate = 1 Powerful CLM Suite

These three services comprise an incredibly powerful suite of tools to be used at all stages of contract request, creation, and lifecycle management. Conga Composer is a great basic tool for dynamically creating any type of documents with a low configurability component. Conga Contracts enables a higher degree of language configurability with dynamic clauses, empowers the legal team with redline tracking and reporting, and features the productivity booster True-Up™.  Conga Orchestrate enables the highest degree of language configurability and can automate document generation, and automating routing redline approvals. Between these three tools, you’ll keep contracts flowing quickly and smoothly, drive down time-to-sign (and increase your monthly revenue recognition!), and be able to maintain visibility into all aspects of your contracts process, including signature aging, contract renewals, and expirations. 

Ask the CLM experts at Simplus how we can help you reduce your time-to-sign today!


Alexandra is a CLM Solutions Architect here at Simplus. She has over five years’ experience implementing Salesforce solutions for clients across multiple different verticals. Her recent work includes growing Simplus’ CLM practice, including implementing SpringCM and Conga solutions, providing process and project leadership, overseeing implementations, leading and growing the Conga and SpringCM teams, managing the partner relationship with SpringCM and Conga, and assisting in pre-sales activities for SpringCM and Conga engagements.