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We Cut Through Complexity

EDL Consulting is a national technology services firm that creates more meaningful and productive work experiences for our clients through business and technology transformation. EDL consultants transform B2B channel sales to improve profitability, shrink cycle time, and delight customers.

A recognized leader in cloud computing, EDL Consulting has helped B2B companies solve the complex systems integration issues behind state-of-the-art technology for over 15 years.

Our Story:

“EDL was born out of the ashes of the .com meltdown in 2001.

The motivation was to build a firm that was a response to the lack of focus on the fundamental principles of consulting related to methodology, ROI and process improvement.

Hence, our name, an acronym for: Excellence in Delivery Leadership.”

Bill Loumpouridis, CEO and Founder, EDL Consulting

Our Mission:

To create a more meaningful and productive work experience for our clients.

Our Values:

  • Excellence: intelligence, drive and surpassing quality of service, demonstrated in every deliverable.
  • Integrity: honesty, truthfulness and stick-to-your-guns consistency in how we serve our clients.
  • Accountability: taking responsibility for our decisions and actions, without reservation.
  • Passion: having real heart for what we do; a sense of driving dedication and commitment.
  • Collaboration: working as a team with our clients in a partnering process that creates innovation and results.

EDL Team Certifications

“The EDL team really came through for me and made me look like a genius for betting on them. I strongly recommend them to any company in need of consulting talent.”
Pedram Abrani, EVP, Pono Music, EDL Consulting

At EDL we have a strong tradition of giving back. We also believe that technology has incredible power to change communities.

Snow City Arts

EDL also works with Snow City Arts, an organization in Chicago that educates children and youth in hospitals through the arts.

Edisto Schools

Each year EDL laptops go to schools in Edisto, South Carolina and empower students with powerful technology.

Careers at EDL Consulting

A career isn’t just a job, or a paycheck. It’s a path built on goals and achievement, elevating work from simply a job to a passion — and when skilled people converge in the same direction, something special happens.

Careers at EDL

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